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Elohei Yishei 【God of My Salvation】拯救我的神

This song was originally composed and written in Hebrew by Israeli Singer, Karen Silver. It then happened to be translated by a church in Singapore called GK611. Through a divine appointment, the Holy Spirit led the Jewish Pastor, Emmanuel Kilem, to Singapore and into the doors of GK611 completely unplanned. This is also how Justina Tan from GK611 become the female voice for the Chinese version of the song.

Through yet another divine appointment, the project was done together with a Korean producer in the KPOP industry, Jung Hoon Kim (MONKEY). Just like that, the 9 multilingual songs in the album (Align with Jerusalem) were recorded with utmost professionalism. The songs were even sent to a sound engineer in Hollywood for the final mixing.

Finally, this music video was done solely by a group of youths from GK611 from its conceptualisation, filming, acting to editing. The story is also based on the actual life testimony of Cherie Ng, the main character in the music video.

These people from different countries and race, who speak different tongues were once complete strangers. Yet they have come together to complete this kingdom project, testifying the leading of the Holy Spirit. This unlikely combination of people has resulted in the inconceivable.
”God is the one who saves me, for His ways are higher than man’s ways,“ and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IN GOD.

I am one of the people who testifying all this impossible thing happened.(Pastor David)